Role of College IQAC Committee

IQAC in any institution is a significant administrative body that is responsible for all quality matters. It is the prime responsibility of IQAC to initiate, plan and supervise various activities that are necessary to increase the quality of the education imparted in an institution or college.

IQAC Committee(2023-24)

Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhambu - Chairperson IQAC
Dr. Jaspal Malik - Convener
Mr. Sushil Kumar - Co-Convener
Dr. Poonam -      Member
Dr. Hansraj Gupta -   Member
Dr. Renu Gupta-     Member
Mr. Virender- Member
Dr. Vikash- Member
Ms. Rupali- Member
Mr. Ashok- Member

Sr.NoFile NameUploaded DateView
1 IQAC Meetings Report from 2014 to 2019 21/03/2021 View
2 IQAC Meeting Report 2020 to 2021 14/01/2022 View
3 Best Practices 2021 22 10/04/2023 View
4 IQAC FORMATION 2022-23 19/02/2024 View