Two best practices successfully implemented by the
1.                  Tree Plantation:
Tree Plantation is one of the best practices followed by the college. As, ours is a faith that the surrounding atmosphere contribute a lot in the development of an individual so we take it as a mission to make the surrounding environment lush green and healthy.
1.a)        Objectives of the Practice:
The practice has some of the targets and underlying principles giving directions to achieve the desired goal. One of these objectives is to generate a healthy environment and surroundings. This will be helpful to link the students with the natural and healthy campus. Another is the beautification of college campus. Aesthetic aspect of personality development can be achieved in such an environment. Supportive and evocative atmosphere is also the decided objective of the institution. To encourage human values in the students is also our primary target. It will create a world where their dreams meet to the ground of reality.
1.b)     The Context:
As it is the need of the time, the NSS Units of the college have been active in this direction. Different types of plants were brought and planted with the help and supports of teachers as well as students. We have had to face many challenges in this context such as the issue of their care and growth. The plants were to be protected from environmental changes and animals. Besides it, requirements of the plants for proper growth, seasonal and occasional diseases were some of other challenges faced in this practice.
1.c)             The Practice:
The task of tree plantation is ceaselessly carried out to create clean and green campus. The NSS and NCCwings of the college take up the job of planting saplings according to the season and situation. The Department of Botany of the college maintains a large variety of medicinal plants and wide variety of plant species. Generally, planting of saplings is done by chief guests during their visits to the college on various occasions.
1.d)    Evidence of Success:
As a result of the efforts carried out under this practice, the college campus has been converted into a lush green campus. Wide varieties of trees are adding beauty to the campus. The entire environment of the college has been transformed on the basis of desired objectives. We have achieved a satisfactory level to create a healthy environment in the college. A large magnitude of the plants has helped a lot to reduce the pollution and generate a purified atmosphere. Such atmosphere has performed a significant role to develop the harmonious relation among the students.
1.e)             Problems Encountered and Resources Required:
We faced some of the problems while implementing our plan for this practice. One of these was the lack of awareness among the students regarding the importance of tree plantation. They consider it a kind of futile exercise to plant the plants. It was a big challenge as we have not a clear cut formula to show them the impact of pollution and importance of plants to reduce it. Another was the lack of adequate and sufficient time with the students and staff to contribute to the practice. They have to devote the maximum of theirtimetotheircurriculumalso.Theyhavealimitedtimetopreparefortheirexaminationduetothesemestersystem. So it was also a big challenge for us.
2             Comprehensive Education and Skill Development(CESD)
The College is providing not only basic textual knowledge of the students but also striving hard for comprehensive education inculcating all round development of the students. The main emphasis is to refine various skills like communication, PD, work skills, reading, cultural, sports skills etc. The prime aim of education is todevelopastudentintoawellculturedandcivilizedhumanbeingwhoiswellawareabout their responsibilities towards society and country.
2.a) Objectives of the Practice:
The practice has some of the targets and underlying principles giving directions to achieve the desired goal. One of these objectives is to develop a sense of belongingness in the students. CESD is a flexible, empowerment oriented approach to learning .It aims at equipping learners with the knowledge, competence and orientations needed for success after they leave Institution .Hence its guiding vision is that of a competent future citizen.
2.b) The Context:
CESD is a new system of education that rejects the traditional focus on what the College provides to students, in favor of making students demonstrate that they “know and are able to do” whatever the required outcomes are. CESD reforms emphasize setting clear standards for observable, measurable outcomes. CESD approach is based on sound educational principles and provides a robust framework for students to acquire the necessary fitness to practice.
2 c) The Practice:
College follows comprehensive and skill development based education. For this purpose college has launched an Alumni Portal, web site development, regular training and placement activities, Mentor-Mentee Meetings, encourage students to compete in various internal and external competitions in curricular and co-curricular activities. Provision of Project labs equipped with smart boards and wifi facilities in each department to horn the practical and simulation skill. Case Analysis/applied problem solving , Earn while you Learn facility, Language lab facility, use of learning resources, multimedia and internet resources for teaching, Internships during vacations etc. Ragging is totally banned in the College.