College Library

The college library is spreads in an area of 2400 sq ft. The library is located in the centre of college building at first floor. There are 7395 books, 02 journals, 15 magazines,. During the last five years 3199 books were bought. The collection of books include documents covering a wide range of subjects from English literature, pure sciences, and social sciences, languages etc. The library is automated, and has a spacious reading hall and reference section with 06 air conditioners. The reading area can accommodate 100 users at any point of time. The library is automated with integrated library management software SOUL 2.0 (Software for University Libraries) .The various housekeeping activities of the library such as data entry, issue and return and renewal of books, member logins etc are done through the software. The students are given unique barcode ID. For Enhancing security closed circuit cameras have been installed. Fire safety units are also available..